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1  USER SUPPORT / Hotel / Hotel Collector's Edition / Re: Sarcophagus in boiler room and Marbles on: June 15, 2010, 06:33:44 PM
Walk towards the open casket and use SMALL LEATHER BAG WITH 5 COLORED MARBLES IN IT on the plate in the middle of the sarcophagus.

# Rotate the MARBLES on the plate to line them up as they are on the OLD ASTROLOGY MAP in inventory.

# Rotate the marbles on the plate like this:

Red - Clockwise 5x
Blue Clockwise 1x
Orange stays in place
Green Clockwise 5x
Pink Counter-clockwise 4x

Ivan I tried this several times the same way and the tumb will not open could  you  explain a diffrent way please  thanx

You can get "fooled" because the drawing on the parchment is a top-down view, while the actual mechanism on the  sarcophagus is in perspective, so you have to take as anchor points the 4 small pyramids on the edge of the mechanism that match the symbols on the parchment.
2  USER SUPPORT / Hotel / Hotel Collector's Edition / Re: Paper fax bug? on: June 15, 2010, 06:18:37 PM

it is now of little matter, since I finished the game. It seemed an optional action, rather than a compulsory one.
anyway, I had access to a pre-release press build of the game, in order to review it. I downloaded it via your FTP link that was forwarded to me together with the username, password and RAR password. Don't know, maybe it was because it was a pre-release build. Just wanted you to know that :-)
cheers, keep up the good work!
3  USER SUPPORT / Hotel / Hotel Collector's Edition / Paper fax bug? on: June 12, 2010, 08:48:07 PM

In the beginning of the game where you are supposed to get the fax paper from the boxes outside the castle (the cateia office supply) to get the fax to work, when you try to get the paper from the boxes, all the items in the inventory disappear, including the paper fax. Is it a bug? I tried to replay the game several times but the problem remains. I got hotel collector edition, "not for sale" edition. is it different from the retail version?
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