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1  USER SUPPORT / the Legend of Crystal Valley / Re: Any idea how to make this game even better? on: September 26, 2010, 03:46:18 AM
I have to say I was a little disappointed in the very end, when she is suppose to finally meets her dad.  Throughout the game, it is stated that she is to be his successor, and the Valley would have to be destroyed, but she hopes to find a way for it not to be destroyed.  However the very end does not show anything like what one is lead to expect.  There is no showing the world ending, or her in the new world as queen, or anything like that.  Does she go back to living a regular life on Earth, or does she and the Valley die, or do they all live harmoniously forever in the Valley?  It was a complex storyline throughout the game, but it ends with a lazy ending!

It seems whomever was in charge of the storyline writing at Cateia games, is paid way to much!  A good story teller has to know that a story's beginning, middle, and end must always have the same even pace.  The Crystal Valley storyline ending is not even with the beginning or middle of the story, instead much like a mountain cliff, the ending of the story just drops off.   I believe whomever wrote the story was either A) not a very competent story teller, B) in too much of a hurry to meet his or her deadline in order for the game to be marketed, or C) is just a lazy person that just slapped together a story, but did not really care whether the storyline ending made sense or not.  Either way it makes me think that Cateria Games is not a competent company I would ever want to purchase a game from again.  The management at Cateia Games should be very embarrassed that a low standard game was release to the public!  To disappoint and disrespect your customers with such a low standard ending should never allowed by Cateia management.
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