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Author Topic: D'Deridex Weapon Idea  (Read 5877 times)
Major Diarr
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« on: May 22, 2008, 04:01:44 AM »

I have this idea for a special D'Deridex weapon that is like an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile but is called an Anti-Planet Quantum Missile. It's an impulse missile carried by D'Deridex which makes it sort of like a modern ICBM submarine thanks to the ship's cloak. This has no basis in canon, except that the D'deridex has dorsal and ventral detailing that reminds me of ICBM bunker hatches and the Cardassians built an anti-planet interstellar cruise missile, it's just an idea I like because it makes the D'Deridex make more sense to me and I think it would be a very fun idea.

The APQM would be shielded lightly, have a distant minimum effective firing range, and in comparison to normal ships it will be slow. Unlike the Cardassian missile It's mostly tanks of matter and anti-matter in a quantum warhead setup and can only take a couple hits from a starship, it relies on the stealth deployment from the D'Deridex while cloaked, that works because the bunkers that the missiles are fired from take no energy to use except to open their doors. The missiles get no initial boost from bunkers, so they start with the ship's current velocity and have to accelerate from that, where as a torpedo gets the ship's velocity plus its own immediately. They can accelerate somewhat quickly to quarter impulse since they aren't expected to go far but are expected to cover the short distance fast. Since they are just popped out then accelerate, they can be fired in any direction. Firing range should be dependent on the distance between the missile and ship not a timer or distance from the firing location, that way if the firing ship turns around and travels from the missile, the missile will arm sooner.

 I think this is a balanced setup, although the missile can instantly kill any ship, even concentrated groups of ships, the missile can be killed easily, and even after activation, as long as you are aware enough you can shoot it down outside its effective blast range. It's sort of like a mine that doesn't hold a location. I can think of a really effective way to use it, activate warp and just before you zoom off launch a missile, that will allow the missile to arm before the enemy can get out of range. But the enemy can defend two ways, if he is either a fast enough shot, he can shoot the missile in the second he has to live, or he can active warp when you do which will let him get away.

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Ivan Vučica
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« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2008, 08:09:45 AM »

Duly noted and archived on forums for when it comes up Wink

Ivan Vučica
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