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Cateia Games and Steve Ince launch Kickstarter campaign for Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty

May 22 2014, Zagreb, Croatia: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

He didn't get any more clever. No, his English didn't improve. But he's back! Well. kind of. In fact Kaptain Brawe currently finds himself stranded on a remote ice planet with little hope of rescue. It wouldn't be so bad if he hadn't just burnt the last flammable part of his damaged ship in an effort to keep warm. Maybe then he would have at least some chance to re-save the universe, since he seems to be its only hope anyway (may the mighty Shelzar have mercy on us all). And presuming, of course, he even has a clue that the universe actually needs saving.

Cateia Games, veteran indie development studio behind the first Kaptain Brawe and well known for its roster of dozen other excellent adventure games, has teamed up with art production studio Frontmen from Belgrade and legendary screenwriter and game designer Steve Ince of Broken Sword fame in bringing Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty to life thanks to the Kickstarter campaign.

And once you do you will get Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World - Episode 1 (first half of the game) completely for FREE! Moreover all backers from 3$ and up will also receive Episode 2 (second half of the game) as a reward if Kickstarter campaign is successful as soon as it is over. Not enough to convince you? Well then how about we let Steve Ince do the talking. Steve? I enjoy working on all the projects I undertake and with the clients behind them, but every so often there comes a project where I know that if I don't work on it, the potential ideas that would have been generated will haunt my dreams for years to come. So, to be a little self-indulgent - please consider backing this project and help all those potential ideas become a reality. I promise that Kaptain Brawe - A Space Travesty will be far more fun than visiting a zero-G massage parlour. Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty is a sequel to acclaimed traditional humorous point & click adventure game from 2010 - Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World. The game and it's whimsical characters as well as it's colorful, detailed, hand drawn visual style are inspired by legendary Lucas Arts and Sierra adventure games of old such as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Space Quest!


  • Beautiful and detailed 2D hand painted scenes
  • Unique and brilliant story by Steve Ince
  • Traditional adventure point and click gameplay
  • Big cast of wacky characters
  • Wonderful and unique "Brawe" humor and puzzles
  • Fully voiced characters
  • Around 10 hours worth of gameplay
  • Inspired by Lucas Arts and Sierra classics
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